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October 13, 2012
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THEME: What if Romano was afraid to say he loves you, so dresses
up like Feli and hands you a letter saying it's from Romano,
so he feels good he did it himself. Kind of.

RomanoXReader: Heavy-ass door (REQUEST)

You sighed as you walked quickly through the crowds of your peers,
trying to make the bus without having to run.
Gakuen Hetalia was the school you went to, a multi-cultural school
for people who wanted to escape from the 'everyone-knows-everything-about-everyone' schools.

You finally made it to the big glass doors the school insisted on having,
even though they were so heavy it was a pain to open so they were left
open half the time. You groaned as you saw they were closed.
You, not being the strongest person in the world, hated the manual labor that these doors came with.

'Theres no way I can do this myself!' you mentally screamed.
'It`s a heavy-ass door!' You sighed in defeat and set your bag down,
placing both hands on the glass.

'one-two-THREE!' you cheered yourself on as you pushed with all your
strength on the glass.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ after many (many) failed door attempts later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"I MISSED MY BUS! NO! COME BACK YOU ASSHOLE!" You screamed at the moving
line of buss's that were leaving the school grounds.
'How am I going to get home!?' you groaned. 'Just my luck'
you sighed, and picked up your bag.
You glared at the door as you walked away "FUCK YOU!"
you cursed at the doors.
"Calm-a down ragazza!" someone yelled at you.
You turned and saw a tan guy with dark brown/red hair and brown eyes.
You got lost in his eyes for a second, wondering if they were brown, or a light hazel.

'Hmmmmmm, maybe I can tell if I get a closer look?' you wondered,stepping closer to him.

"w-what are-a you doing?! You-a just-a said 'Fuck you' to-a me?!"
he accused, pointing a finger at you.

You cocked your head to the side, your (h/l) (h/c) hair falling off your
shoulder so it hung in the air. You realized what he said and blushed.

'Shit! I don't want him to think I am weak! Or that I cussed at him!! Damnit!'
you sighed

"I cussed at the heavy-ass door. It was too heavy so I missed my ride home. Sorry."
You blushed in embarrassment and walked past him, seeing his eyes were, in fact,
dark hazel. You felt a strong hand catch your elbow and you turned to see him,
a blush dusting his cheeks.

"I-I`ll drive you home, ragazza. No one-a should have-a to walk home.
And,I-a agree, that-a door-a is a Heavy-ass door"

You smiled brightly, your (e/c) eyes sparkling.

"Really!? Thanks!" you cheered, hugging him.

You quickly realized what you did and got off him, shifting your feet awkwardly

He chuckled "If I-a can handle-a Tomato bastard all-a day, I-a can handle-a belle ragazza~"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~after you got home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Thanks!" you said to the guy, whose name was Romano. He's from south Italy
and like tomatoes. He has a twin who is happy-go-lucky, and loves pasta.

"No-a problem ragazza~" he purred, his voice made you blush.

"W-would you like to stay for dinner? I have a pizza coming over soon."

You smile to yourself as you remembered your friend; (best friend's name)
works at a pizza shop downtown lost a bet to you, and has to bring you free pizza on Fridays.

"Sure. Why-a not?" he walks to your couch, instantly sprawling all out on the black

"Hey!" you pout "now there's no room for me!"

He smirked as you walked closer to him, poking his side.

"Yes there-a is!~" he pulled you down so fast, you fell into his arms.
You blushed as he smirked at you.

"W-why would you do that?" you mumble, hiding your face in his school uniform.

He suddenly blushed, and mumbled something you couldn't hear.

"What?" you questioned.

"I-God damnit. I LOV-"

"______!!!!!!! I GOT THE DAMN PIZZA!" (b/f/n) burst into the door.

"Cool!" you cheered, not sensing the mood.

ROMANOS POV~~~~~~~~~~~~

Romano's heart hurt as he walked home.

'Damnit! Why couldn't I get it out! I`ll never do that again!'

He blushed as he thought of your sparkling (e/c) eyes, your (h/l) (h/c) hair.
He just met you, and he fell in love.

"Hola Lovi!~" Antonio cheered as he walked into his house.

"Fuck off tomato bastard!" He yelled, stomping up to his room to find
Italy sleeping on his bed.


'Wait, Feli hasn't met ____ yet, what if!!'


! YOUR POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next morning was a Saturday, so you slept in. MAJORLY.

You woke up at 12, and got (slightly) ready for the day.
You were currently sitting in the couch, sprawling out like Romano did yesterday
and watching TV.

You sigh to yourself, thinking about his hair, his eyes. 'He was hot~' you giggle.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. You get up and check the door,
seeing Romano standing out there.

You blush and open it, cheering "Hi Romano!~"

The man, who you thought was Romano said, in a cheery voice
"Ciao belle!~ I`m Feliciano ve~"

You pout. "Oh, hi! What brings you hear?" you question.

He smiles, and hands you a letter, then runs off.

'Well, that was odd.' You sigh and sit on your porch swing, and read the note.

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Someone's in my head
and it`s fucking you.

"Awwww!~" you 'awww'ed out loud.

"But why didn't he give it to me hims- WAIT!! ROMANO!" you yell, running in the
direction 'Feliciano' left.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~time skip!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You dash off to the local park, where you see 'Feliciano' with his head in his hands.
"ROMANO!! I LOVE YOU TO!" you screech, running to him.

His head shoots up, and he smiles. You giggle and hug him, his arms wrap around you too.

You kiss him on the lips "I love you too!" you say again, his face red.

Wait till I show off my boyfriend at school!


You enter the school through the same heavy glass door that brought you together.

"Lovi~" you giggle, pulling on his uniforms tie.

"W-what? And I told you not to fucking call me that!" he blushed.

"I want to forever be memorized in this heavy-ass door!" you cheer, throwing your hands above your head.
He sighed "How? Again, IT'S A HEAVY-ASS DOOR."

You smirk and pull out your brand-new car keys.
"Like this~"


That door still has the carvings of "FUCK OFF" on it, the words surrounded by a heart
followed by a "(first letter in your name) X R". No one wanted to even TRY to lift that
heavy-ass door up~

Request for :iconmisakiayzawa:, who loves Romano.


FAN SERVICE!~:iconcuteromanoplz::iconevilromanoplz::iconromanorapefaceplz::iconromanorapeface2plz::iconromanohappyplz::iconromanobondageplz::iconromanobringitonplz::iconromanobuttplz::iconromanobroplz::iconmaidromanoplz::iconmafiaromanoplz::iconlustyromanoplz::iconmaidromanoplz::iconhawtromanoplz:

It`s 10:15 at night. I. NEED. SLEEP.

I`ve been up since 6AM. LET ME SLEEP

roamno: :iconmisakiayzawa: (jk, she wishes) rightful owners
preview pic: :icongrazytomato: yay!~
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