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October 8, 2012
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Gakuen Hetalia! Norway x texter!reader

You didn`t set your phone down as you raised you hand to answered the math problem. You, (full name) were a texter. Never set your phone down, always on it.

You are currently in (grade) grade and attend Gakuen Hetalia, a private school. It had its up's, and had its downs.

Your red plaid skirt/ overalls with frill at the ends had secret pockets you added in, so you could hide your phone whenever the teachers got fed up. This was all the time. Your block tie moved from its place on your neck, so you readjusted it quickly so you go back to texting.

You teacher, Mr. Kirkland sighed. You smiled sweetly and looked up for a quick second, then said

"67 x 98 is 6,566! ~"

Again he sighed. You giggled you knew he was sure you used a calculator, but really you are just. That. Cool.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~time skip!! I`m sorry if you don't like it ;3; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You skipped down the hallways, phone in pocket. It was hard to type and walk, and you had learned your lesson that time. You groaned as you remember his pale face, short light blond hair and dull blue eyes. You never said sorry to him, and boy, did you WANT to.

Let's just say you had a tinie, tiny, little little crush on him. Ok, you lied. You have fallen HEADS OVER HEELS in love with him. Ever since that day, you wrote little short stories about how you would meet again, and how you would end up going out with him.

'Like that's going to happen' you snorted to yourself.

You made it to you locker and glanced around, making sure it was safe. You sighed as you didn't see the Hungarian girl and opened you locker with ease.

"BLLLARG!" you screamed and fell back, hand over your heart.
"THE HELL ELIZABETA!!" she chuckled and fell out of you locker, frying pan in tow.
"Oh," she giggled "Nothing~" you got off the floor.
"If I had a dollar for every time you did that-"your phone made the ringtone that told you that you had a text.
You ignored it and went back to Eliza "It's not funn- seriously?!" you phone made a "Hello, friend" sound again, telling you that you had been texted again.

Snorting, you checked who texted you 'unknown number? I have EVERYONES number' you thought, checking to see who this 'unknown' number belonged to.

The first text said

'Just seeing if this works'

Then a text said

'Stop ignoring my texts ____'

You looked confusedly at the screen "The fuck is this?" you said aloud.

"What?" Eliza said, leaning over your shoulder. "who`s that? I thought you had everyone's number?"

You pushed her off your shoulder, her hair blocking your view of the screen
"Me too." You said, eyebrows bunching. You sighed as the bell rang and you pushed your (h/c) into a ponytail/bun and walked to next period.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AFTER SCHOOL!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You sighed with relief and stripped off the schools uniform, glad to get out of it. You slipped into a (f/c) tank top and some comfortable (f/c) jeans and sat back in your reclining chair, and pulled out your phone.

'so, who exactly are you?' you sent a text to the mystery number.

"Might as well get a snack and a (f/d)" you sighed. You got up from your cozy spot and opened the door, just as the turret said "hello, friend".

"Dear lord, that was fast." You mumble and grab the phone, checking the text.

'Your secret lover. Any other questions?'

"Wow, way to be blunt." You sighed.

'Uh, your name?' you typed into the keypad. 'That would be useful.'

You groaned and sat up, really needing a snack now.

This is going to be a LONG conversation.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's been 4 weeks since the mystery texter first got your number. You have learned a little about him too, that he is mostly silent, he's rather blunt about things (judging by the many ' I want you to be my girlfriend's he sent you) and tended to hate a blonde man with spikey hair.

You sighed dreamily as he sent you another text

'Come on to school, I have something to show you.'

"Oh boy!" you cheered, jumping out of bed, getting ready for another day with mystery texter to keep you company.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~at school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You instinctively went straight to your locker when you entered the school, eager for the surprise. You ran into Eliza, who gripped herself onto your torso and spun you around, squealing.

"WHAT??!" you yelled at her "I`m choking!"

"Oops~" she apologized, detaching herself from your neck.

"What?" you gestured for her to continue.

"Oh! Yeah! There's a cutie standing outside your locker!! He`s had a cell phone in his hand for, like, 12 minutes now. It's pretty weird!"

You blushed 'is this what he meant by surprise?! He wants to officially meet me!!'

You squealed out loud, making Eliza jump.

"You know him? Tell me tell me!" she cheered, gripping my arm.

You spilled the story of the mystery texter. She nodded as she listened to every word you spoke.

"He's a keeper" she said when you finished, and you blushed.

"Go get 'em _____!!" she cheered, pushing you to your locker, where, a boy stood.


Your face lit up red as your legs got wobbly. You walked up to your locker, and, sure enough he had a cell phone in your hand.

He didn't look up, and typed into the phone. You wondered if he was here for you, but then your phone buzzed.

'Hi, I`m Lukas.' It read. You looked at his face and saw a light smile grace his lips.

"Hei, vakre" he said, holding out his arm. You blushed and took it. He started to lead you out the building, not that you protested, you were on cloud nine at the moment.

You walked to the local park, now deserted because parents had dropped their kids off at their schools by now. You took a seat on the park bench and he slowly took a spot next to you. You blushed when he held your hand in his, and he began to talk.

"Ever since you ran into me, my mind is thinking of you. I decided to tell you in a way that you would respond." His voice was monotone, but for some reason, you could sense some emotions in it.

"Oh, I see. That was really sweet of you, you know?" you blushed and ducked your head away.

He blushed too and whipped out his phone again, and you stared in confusion
'We are on a date?! Why wou-' your phone buzzed. You smiled and looked at the text. You blushed and scooted closer to him.

"r-really?" you ask, pointing to the screen. He blushes faintly and nods.

You close your eyes, and he gets so close, his breath hits your face and you blush more. His soft lips hit yours, and your stiff body immediately relaxed and melted into the kiss.
He pulled away, face even redder, you fared no better, so red you felt faint.
"J-Jeg elsker deg" he said softly, pulling you into a hug.
"I-I love you too." You replied.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MAGICAL FUTURE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It`s been 3 months since you met Lukas, and you have never stopped loving him since.
'Today,' you thought, gathering your courage. 'Today I`m going to make him laugh!'
Sure, you love him to death, but, seriously? Not ONE real laugh? None of that chuckle crap. A LAUGH.

You had a plan, you and Mathias had created was fool proof.

You were smiling to yourself as Lukas walked into the door, groceries in hand. Your cue was signaled by Mathias, and you sucked in all your pride and walked out.

"H-Hi Lukas." He spun around, then, turned away, hand over his mouth.

He had a reason too to, you looked ridiculous. Your giant box placed over your head was painted like a phone screen. Basically, you looked like a giant phone. On the screen, in black letter it read "Hey I just texted you, and this is crazy, so here's my face, so kiss me maybe?"

He couldn't take it anymore and busted into laugher. You could hardly contain your joy (and massive blush) as he stood up, tears in his eyes and helped you take off the suit.

"You're silly. You could have just asked~" he said with a slight smile.

You blushed and kissed him "I love you too, mystery texter~"
well, this is overdue.


Well, sorry if Norway is OOC. Its hard to write for him ;3;

norway: hetalia
story: mine
you: :iconnorwayfukkiretaplz:
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