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November 7, 2012
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England x reader : The mint colored bundle

REQUEST for the lovely summercatxo!!

I had no ideas, so my older bro said pet shop. I`m gonna try this!

(A/N: Sorry if flying mint bunnies OOC, it`s hard to pin point his attitude with only like, 4 clips of him XD)


You exhale a cloud of white ‘smoke’ as you walk to your job, the pet shop. You wore a thick (f/c) jacket covering your (f/c) graphic tee and some jeans. You make more ‘smoke’ laughing about how childish it was.

You glance around the two streets you are walking on, empty. You finally let a large puff of ‘smoke’ out and say, in a deep voice “I am the dragon of this road! All fear me!”

You laugh through the wispy ‘smoke’ the laughter created and try to calm down so you can see where you are going.

You were the proud owner of (insert your town)’s pet shop, and everyone came to you for all of their pet needs. You gave advice, had all the top pet food brands, toys galore, and even gave out treats on holidays! (For pets too!)

You bring out your keys to the (f/c) door and gave them a twist, unlocking the store. You take a breath in and smell the sent that always seemed to lurk around every corner of the shops being, no matter how many sentZ`s or airwhicks you had in there.

You set your purse, jacket and (something you always carry with you) on the counter, and tie the blue and white striped apron onto your body, its pockets loaded with a water bottle, spare change, pet treats, and a squirt bottle.

You don`t bother flip the ‘closed’ sign to ‘open’ yet, because, who is up at 6 in the morning? Especially on the weekend! You giggle to yourself “People like me!”

You do your morning rounds, feeding everything, cleaning cages, and making sure everyone was happy (especially the mochi`s. they are very VERY picky) when your dog, (pets name) ran happily over to you, carrying a strange thing in his/her mouth. A,…. Mint colored thing.

“What`cha got there (p/n)?” you said in the high pitched baby voice you use around him/her. He/She smiled proudly at your feet and dropped the mint colored bundle.

‘Hummmm, I wonder how he/she got a hold on this toy? Maybe,…. HOLY CRAP IT`S MOVING!’ You squeak in surprise and watch as the little mint bundle moved, and slowly shook its fur, then stared directly at you.

You sat back and watched the little,… rabbit. The weird thing is, it`s not JUST a rabbit, it has mint colored fur and, um, wings. That must have sounded crazy but it is overly, outrageously true.

It slowly moved to you, and placed it`s little paws on your legs. “U-um, hi! I`m ______, and who are you?” you stumbled a little at first, but it turned back into your squeaky baby voice.

You petted the creatures head, it seemed to enjoy that, then you heard a just as high voice say “I`m fling mint bunny! I like you ___!”

You look down at the creature. It couldn’t have? Right? “That’s nice to hear flying mint bunny! Want to help me set up shop?” You decide just to ignore it and just keep on talking.

“Yeah!!” you watched its little mouth move,… and words come out.

O.K then. You’re not crazy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Your day had been more successful than ever with flying mint bunny! You have gotten more people coming into your store than usual! You also realized no one else can seem to see him, which resulted in a few odd stares when you asked him to do something.

You stretch your arms above your head, and feel flying mint bunny taking off your apron.

“Thanks mint.” You yawn, walking around to close the shop. You see him fly off and flip the ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’

While checking to see if the windows where closed, you hear the familiar chime of your shops doors.

‘Who got in?! The sign says closed! You feel panic pierce your heart and you frantically look for something to hide behind.

You see the counter as the only safe place and dive behind it. You reach up slowly and grab your (fav  item that you brought from the beginning) as your weapon of choice.

‘well, it`s not really a weapon, but this will have to do’.

You feel a body ram against yours and you scream in surprise. You open your eyes to see mint hugging your stomach.

“Mr. Kirkland is here! Arthur is here to get me!” he cheered.

‘Mr Kirkland? Arthur?’ you snuck a peek over the counter and see a man with messy blonde hair, pretty deep green eyes and large eyebrows. He had a white dress shirt on with a brown button-up vest on top. He glanced to where mint was currently at and saw me.

‘Shit!’ you duck back down, clutching the (item you brought with you) to your chest. Just as he peeked around the counter….


“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THIS!” he yelled when you launched the (item) at him.

“GET OUT OF MY SHOP!” You yell back as he grips the (item) in his hand.

“YOUR shop! That means mint must be here!” he suddenly stared at my head, with good reason. Mint climbed on top of my head and played with your (h/c) bangs.

He smiled innocently and said “You two should date.”

Que the awkward blush. He walks over to you and hands you your (item) with a blush on his face, avoiding eye contact.

Arthur is the first to kill the silence “S-so what’s your name, love?”

You smile “I am ______ ________ and this is my shop! I`m guessing your Arthur Kirkland, because mint here told me!”

“Wait! Y-you can see him too!?” a shocked look covered his face, which you now decided it pretty handsome, if you can overlook the eyebrows.

“Yeah, it`s weird no one else can see this cutie pie!” you voice went squeaky as you mentioned mint, and you petted him from his territory he claimed on his head.

Arthur blushed and shyly held out his arm. You quickly gathered up your stuff and slipped your arm into his, a smile on your face.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~walking home after closing shop~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“You know what,” you say, a smile gracing your features. He smiled back, his handsome face practically glowing.

“What is it, love?” white strands of ‘smoke’ pour out of his mouth, you try not to stare at his lips.

You chuckle “I think this is the start of a wonderful friendship.”

You tried to quickly kiss him and run off, but as soon as your lips were on his, he took over and crushed your body against his. You blushed fiercely and kissed back.

You felt his tongue slide over your lips, asking for permission. You denied and let him suffer. He groaned in annoyance and pulled you closer by grabbing your hips.

You let out a squeak and his tongue slips inside your mouth.

Eventually you have to stop to breath, sepperating with long, think puffs of ‘smoke’ coming from both of your mouths. You hug him and say “Goodnight Arthur” and quickly write your phone number on his wrist.

“Goodnight love” You hear as you open your apartment door.

Goodnight indeed

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Arthur!!” you cheered, launching yourself off of the table stool and onto his back.

“What the!! ___! Bloody hell! Get off me!” he looked flustered and you continued to snuggle into his back.

“AWWW come on! You know I will love you FOREVER if you do! Please! I loved it last time!”

You see his face turn red and he sighs.

“Fine, but just this last time OK?” you smile brightly and get off his back. You sit on the couch and wait for him to climb over to you.

He blushes harder and crawls over the arm rest, making his way to you.

You sit patiently, shaking yourself with excitement and fear. Until suddenly


You let out a shriek and fall to the back of the couch, laughing.

“I-I see i-it coming every t-time yet I st-till get scared!” you say through laughter.

Arthur blushes and says “I still don`t understand why I have to CRAWL to get over to you. It`s ungentlemanly”

You giggle at his silly pout face and say “Because it`s sexy it distracts me from the fact it’s a trick.”

He blushes even more red and he suddenly looms over me, a smirk on his face, his green eyes glinting like emeralds.

“Want to see some more of the ‘sexy’ me?”

You blush tomato red and stutter

“I-uh I uhh um a I” he laughs at you and leans in closer. You blush beet red until….

“GET OFF HER! ____! ARE YOU OK?!” A worried mint comes flying in and “pushes” Arthur aside, hugging you as tight as he can.

Ever since you saved mint, he hasn’t let you out of his sight. He knows just about everything about you. What’s your favorite color, what you like, what you don`t like, what time of month you- never mind.

You giggle at him and say “Arties being a pirate! It`s too rough for me!” Mint turns and glares at Arthur, who gives a nervous glance to me as to say ‘What have you done.’

“What is with you? ___ should be treated with respect and kindness! She is amazing in every fiber of her being! I don`t want you spoiling her in any way! Don`t touch a pretty (h/c) hair on her head if you act like that! blahblahblahblah (it goes on and on)”

Man, have you waited for the day a rabbit tells your boyfriend how to treat a lady.

Arthur mouths to you “You`ll pay for this” with a smirk.

How will mint take it when he finds out you and Arthur did-

“Don`t mouth things to her!! _____, it`s OK ignore him!”

It`s sooooo long, I couldnt NOT make this long, I felt so into it ;3;

Enjoy :iconsummercatxo: ~! I hope you like it!!

england and flying mint bunny: :iconaxispowershetaliaplz:

story: MINE

OOC mint bunny: ALSO MINE, SORRY
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I re read this and laughed, i forgot i even wrote it 6^9
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xXArtimisXx Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Student General Artist
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